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Hi! I am Divya practicing for more than 16 yrs in the field of Health & Nutrition. I am a Certified Genomic Wellness Consultant and founder of 360Activeliving. I am a qualified Dietitian with Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics and Completed international certification in Sports Nutrition from ISSN, United States.  I am specialized in Predictive Wellness solutions where I help people with Weight management issues, thyroid, PCOS, managing Diabetes, and Cardiac conditions as per unique DNA-based Gene Profiling!

I practice as Certified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner helping individuals achieve emotional and mental well-being. during more than a decade have helped approximately 10456 individuals in their health journey!

Areas Of Expertise

DNA Based Genetic Wellness solutions

Discover what your genes have to reveal about the root cause of your existing ailments, if any, and the risk factors of all possible health challenges in the future. What’s more, find proven customized wellness solutions with your gene-based diet plan and personalized lifestyle modifications. 

Holistic Lifestyle Modification

Supplementation plays major role in preventing lifestyle disorders. Choose right supplements based on your requirement and lead healthy and fit life!

"Prevention is better than cure!" having right supplements is the way to achieve this ! 

Quantum Healing 

Discover the power of quantum physics and self-healing techniques. Balance mind-body connection and achieve well-being in day-to-day life.  using this amazing technology to heal yourself and lead a blissful life.  Achieving cell harmony with Quantum physics is possible now. Open doors to well-being and a healthy lifestyle today. 


DNA Based Genetic Solutions

Book One-2-One Consultation

Tranform your life with Current age technology and science in DNA Lifestyle, Quantum Healing and Natural Remedies!

A DNA diet consultation involves analyzing an individual's genetic makeup to create a personalized nutrition plan that is tailored to their specific needs. This type of consultation takes into consideration factors such as an individual's metabolism, food sensitivities, and potential nutrient deficiencies to help optimize their health and well-being. By identifying the specific genes that impact an individual's dietary needs, a DNA diet consultation can provide valuable insights and recommendations that can help individuals achieve their health goals more effectively.

Quantum self-healing is a holistic approach to healing that focuses on the principles of quantum physics, which suggest that everything is made up of energy and that our thoughts and emotions can influence the physical world. This approach involves using visualization techniques, meditation, and other tools to tap into the body's natural ability to heal itself. Quantum self-healing is gaining popularity as more people seek natural and alternative methods of healthcare that address the root causes of illness rather than just treating the symptoms

Flower Bach remedies are a natural and holistic approach to emotional healing that was developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, and homeopath, in the 1930s. These remedies are made from wildflowers and other natural substances and are designed to address specific emotional imbalances such as anxiety, depression, and stress. Each remedy is believed to work by targeting the underlying emotional state that is causing the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. The remedies are safe and gentle and can be used by people of all ages, including children and pregnant women.

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Genetic Wellness

IStart your Wellness and Nutrition project using Genetics technology. Right from Clinic Nutrition nutrition, Sports Nutrition to Nutrigenomics is covered here. 

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Quantum Technology

Quantum physics has implications for health and medicine, such as the use of MRI to create detailed images of the body, understanding the behavior of biological systems at the molecular level, and developing new drugs and therapies.

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Healing Remedies

These Natural remedies use the healing properties of flowers to promote emotional and mental well-being.  Flower remedies are believed to work by addressing emotional imbalances and promoting positive mental states.

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Biomagnetic Nano Technology

Biomagnetic nanotechnology involves using magnetic nanoparticles for pain management, mental health issues, depression etc. 

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