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Welcome to my website and lets explore possibilities & opportunities in 
Health & Wellness Industry

Hi! I am Divya practicing for more than 16 yrs in the field of Health & Nutrition. I am Certified Genomic Wellness Consultant and founder of 360Activeliving. I am a qualified Dietitian with Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics and Completed international certification in Sports Nutrition from ISSN, United Sates.  I am specialized in Predictive Wellness solutions where I help people in Weight management issues, Thyroidism, PCOS, managing Diabetes, Cardiac conditions as per unique DNA based Gene Profiling!

Areas Of Expertise

DNA Based Genetic Wellness solutions

Discover what your genes have to reveal about the root cause of your existing ailments, if any, and the risk factors of all possible health challenges in the future. What’s more, find proven customized wellness solutions with your gene-based diet plan and personalized lifestyle modifications. 

Holistic Lifestyle Modification

Supplementation plays major role in preventing lifestyle disorders. Choose right supplements based on your requirement and lead healthy and fit life!

"Prevention is better than cure!" having right supplements is the way to achieve this ! 

DNA Based Genetic Solutions

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